Dr. Disrespect Shares Prediction Conquering the Grand Final of the 2019 Worlds on League of Legends


As the grand finale of the 2019 Worlds between G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix gets closer and closer, Dr. Disrespect said which team he thought had the best chance of winning and winning.

This year, the Worlds do not have the same flavor as for previous editions. This year marks a turning point for French fans as a European team finds itself in the finalists and, icing on the cake, the grand finale takes place in Paris!

This ultimate showdown will feature the G2 Esports, the favorites of this exceptional competition, against FunPlus Phoenix, who systematically broke their opponents throughout the event.

Fans expect an exceptional meeting!

Riot Games
Riot Games

The duel Caps vs. Doinb could be the keystone of the meeting

At the dawn of this clash of titans, a well-known figure of streaming came to put his two cents.

I just had a phone call with G2Perkz … He needed a little bit of "violence, speed, momentum". He is ready now. My prediction for tomorrow # Worlds2019 … 3-0.

Dr. Disrespect's tweet was accompanied by a personalized G2 jersey with his name on the back.

This tweet comes after Perks' notable absence from the pre-match press conference due to health issues.

In anticipation of the Grand Final, G2 joked by addressing the streamer to know what "advice" the champion Blockbuster had been able to give.

This is not the first time Doc has given "advice" to a professional team before.

Previously, Astralis, had visited the dojo of Dr. Disrespect to become familiar with "the art of trash-talk".

Although this did not go as planned, they went into high gear by winning the first prize at the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019.

It remains to be seen if Dr. Disrespect's famous adage "speed, violence, momentum" will bring luck to the G2. Answer today as early as 13 hours.

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