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Dragon Ball Super appeared on the small screen in 2015. Akira Toriyama revealed that the new saga would transform the plot developed several years ago in Dragon Ball GT. While we have witnessed new transformations of Goku and Vegeta, some like Piccolo, Krillin Y Have shin han They are left behind.

During the Tournament of Power we saw how Gohan and the mentioned characters were eliminated in a very simple way by the other fighters of the Universes. Well, this is expected to change in the manga.

Toyotaro kicked off the next saga titled ‘The Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol’. There he introduced himself to Moro, the new villain capable of absorbing the vital energy of other characters and planets.

Well, it is currently heading towards Earth and Goku Y Vegeta They are not here to defend it. Both are in training to be able to unleash a new technique that helps them in combat.

In this way, just Piccolo It was he who received the henchmen of Moro. Is it possible to reach a new power? We have already seen the Namekians fight and have really become completely useless in the canon history of Dragon Ball Super. They are simply not quite powerful.

Despite being one of the most beloved fighters, Akira Toriyama He has not done him justice. At least, Toyotaro will finally put Gohan into action. We will have to wait for chapter 54 of the sleeve to know what is planned for these secondary characters.


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