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Trunks Super Saiyan God probably never appear in Dragon Ball Super, but at least we will have an idea of ​​its original design through the alternative anime Dragon ball heroes.

SSJ Gods Trunks it has been the commercial image of Dragon ball heroes in Japan, where the popular card game dedicated to the franchise is marketed. Since its appearance in an official trailer of Bandai Namco, Trunks With red hair he is the protagonist of several promotional arts.

This is how we arrived at this new poster that corresponds to the ‘Super Guide’ of Dragon ball heroes. The design shows Vegeta's son in his typical pose turning his back and wielding the sword he carries on his back.

The canon history of Dragon Ball Super is far from incorporating Trunks SSJ God, because even Goku does not dominate the Super Instinct and Vegeta is soon learning a new fighting technique to kill Moro, the villain of the arc ‘The Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol’.

SSJ God Trunks in Dragon Ball Heroes Poster (Bandai)
SSJ God Trunks in Dragon Ball Heroes Poster (Bandai)


After the Tournament of Power, a Saiyan whom they have never seen before appears before Goku and Vegeta. This is the story of Broly, a saiyan without limits …

Peace has returned once again to Earth after the Tournament of Power. After discovering that in the different universes there are incredibly powerful beings that he has not yet seen, Goku intends to continue training to become even stronger. Then, one day, a Saiyan named Broly whom they have never seen before appears before Goku and Vegeta. But the Saiyans were supposed to have been virtually extinguished in the destruction of Planet Vegeta, so what is this doing on Earth? Even Freeza, back from hell, is involved in this encounter between three Saiyans who have followed completely different destinies and who soon become a fierce battle against a warrior who seems to have no limits.


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