Dramas in series in Reunion


This second long weekend in November was marked by many dramatic news items: 2 murders, drowning and a fatal accident.

Since the beginning of this extended weekend from 9 to 11 November, three people have lost their lives in The meeting. Two homicides, one drowning and one fatal accident occurred on the day and Saturday evening.

Drowning at the Hermitage

A man in his 40s succumbed after drowning in the lagoon.Hermitage. The tragedy occurred around 9 o'clock in the morning.

The victim is Olivier Angelloz, former Secretary General of the Reunion Federation of Building and Public Works (FRBTP).

A second drama in two weeks in the lagoons of Reunion after the disappearance of a Scottish tourist whose member would have been found inside the stomach of a shark.

Deadly Rally in St. Louis

It is a fight that broke out Saturday in the early afternoon between two close neighbors. They would have with other people enjoyed the extended weekend to party.

But early in the afternoon, everything changes. The tenant of a house on Saint-Philippe Street in Saint Louis allegedly stabbed the heart of Ti Min-Min, a man in his fifties. The suspect has been placed in police custody and must be deported on Monday.

The relatives testified on the microphone of Antenne Reunion.

Parricide at La Saline Les Hauts

A man in his thirties is believed to have fatally stabbed his own father on Saturday in the early evening.

The tragedy took place in a very isolated house of the heights of Saline. The father was first evacuated in serious condition before succumbing to his injuries on Sunday morning.

The suspect who fled was found in the Sunday and placed in custody.

His relatives say he is in trouble.

Deadly pileup in St. Paul

A serious accident occurred Saturday night around 20 hours. One vehicle was deported to the opposite lanes on the 11% slope.

The frontal collision was an incredible violence. A third vehicle was involved in the accident.

The human toll shows a dead forty years and 5 wounded including 3 children. Survivors would be out of danger.

Idriss Robert found dead

The young man from The mountain had not given any sign of life since Wednesday morning. He had to go to his school of architecture at the Port.

His vehicle was discovered in the ravine at Malheur, 250 meters below the Mountain Road. His body was nearby.

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