Driving Report Caterham 485 CSR


GWe are met with inquiries from anxious readers, why we only test the big and heavy cars, where were the small, light ones? That's probably a distorted perception, maybe they're just less noticeable. But well, here's one thing: The Caterham 485 CSR is tiny at a length of barely more than three meters and a width that invites to embrace the cuddly front, and the weight is also record-breaking at 580 kilograms. And if it is true that the most environmentally friendly car is the one that drives as little as possible, then the CSR should be quite to the taste of all the greens.

Luke Weber

Editor in the department "Technology and Engine".

For one thing, he is not good for the reprehensible short distances. This is immediately apparent to anyone who is trying for the first time to squeeze into it. Since the art of leaving the doors have fallen victim to the victim, the pilot screws through a narrow gap between the ship's side and the roof and is happy if he is happily drunk in it. Importer Kurt Hofmann explains without any noticeable hint of irony that this is the big body variant – as the small one feels, we do not want to know. It may be helpful to remove the steering wheel by means of quick release; since it is barely bigger than the hand of Manuel Neuer, but it works too.

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