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Quito –

The final was adjusted, with suspense, with the discount of Columbus on the hour, an Argentine team that fought to force the definition by penalties, but Independiente del Valle “put hierarchy” to seal a victory (3-1) that consecrates it Champion of the Copa Sudamericana 2019, a curious fact for a medal winner who does not yet have local titles.

Overflowing with emotion, the striped celebrated with a handful of fans in La Olla Monumental de Asuncion, almost all relatives of the players, a small group that emerged victorious against more than 35,000 Argentines who accompanied the sabalero box.

In the process of the game, DT Miguel Ramirez highlighted the push of his directed to "adjust" in the final minutes, the seven additions in which the result was in danger.

“We adjusted defensively because they were reaching us with many people and in the end, due to accumulation of rivals, defending is difficult. We made adjustments and there was nothing more than to endure the downpour that was what we had left in those final moments of the game. Football sometimes does not understand justices, we could have lost but in the end we took the title, ”said the Spaniard, who in six months to the technical command of the negriazules led the San Francisco club to conquer his first crown.

The Spanish strategist went from being a training director to a technician of the first team at a time of urgency for those of the Valley, after the departure of his compatriot Ismael Rescalvo, which was to cut a work process in the club.

“I have lived a wonderful year, with so many stories, families and dreams that will remain present in the memory,” said Ramirez, who has a contract signed with the club from Nezero until 2021.

‘We show hierarchy’

The exultant group. With the medal that accredits them as South American champions, Fernando Leon acknowledged: “We faced a very complicated opponent, a team that runs a lot and hurts you, but in the Cup we had faced great rivals and showed that we are for big things . We get a little complicated, but in the end we show hierarchy to score three goals that allow us to lift the Cup, ”said the defender from Fluminense, one of the history of the Valle team, for the dispute of the final of the Libertadores in 2016.

The other survivor is the defender Anthony Landazuri, who although he did not have minutes on the court in the Copa Libertadores campaign, in South America he was one of the mainstays for the victory.

For his part, the Panamanian Gabriel Torres spoke of the “deserving” of a team “that never betrayed his idea of ​​the game, we always believed in the work done and in the end everything went well, as we wanted to take the very important title,” said the forward of the striped, the new South American monarchs. (D)

I had never had such a talented group and such good people at the same time. We had some trouble, but in the end we took the title

Miguel Ramirez, DT of Independiente

In the cup we face great rivals, but we show hierarchy to make three goals and lift the Cup

Fernando Leon, zaguero negriazul

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