Due to the economic situation, Jujuy Volley confirmed that he will not play League A1


  • Jujuy Volley Foundation will not play the A1 League.
  • The decision is mainly linked to economic issues and lack of financial support to the entity.

This Sunday, Jujuy Volley Foundation put an end to speculation about its participation in the top category in the next 2020/2021 season.

In their social networks, from the "Blue Devils" said that despite the efforts they had may not be part of the A1 League. The decision is mainly linked to economic issues and lack of financial support to the entity.

Official statement

Hello to all the blue devils, players, moms, daddies, volunteers, friends, fans, family people; Today we want to share and transmit some news and decisions of the Jujuy Volley Foundation.

We have been making efforts during the year both locally and nationally, to be part of the 19/20 series A1 league, so we do not like to communicate, that we will not participate this year in the A1 series of national volleyball, for the unfavorable economic situation that we all live, our province, country, companies and entrepreneurs. But this decision does not stop us; It motivates us, it gives us strength to redouble our energies in more dreams and goals that we have been carrying out in pursuit of our little devils and young athletes who wait every year to feel and be part of the national volleyball elite.

Among the actions carried out with ACLAV, the way for Jujuy Voley Foundation to be part of the highest category in the year 20/21 was sought, recognizing the more than 10 years of experience and last two consecutive promotions obtained by sporting merits, leaving champions and sub champions. Making us dream together to see JUJUY shine next year.

In pursuit of the same objective and expanding the possibilities of our devils, the CONVENTION was signed with BOLIVAR, to enhance the initiatives and projects of JUJUY VOLEY FOUNDATION, which will allow us to make player exchanges, trainings, bring the professional team and open new cores in the whole province for training and sports development, having the possibility of holding tournaments with the arrival and height OF A WORLD LEVEL CLUB.

At the same time, we will work together with the National University of Jujuy, UNJU, which makes us proud and we thank its LEADING LEADERS for the trust and the joint commitment to sports development throughout the province. Providing certified training both theoretical and practical in all sports, giving importance to sports management and professional energy-mentality, looking for new jujenos talents that can be accompanied during their career, for a sports and social success.

CONGRATULATIONS for starting and making CLUB DE DIOS come true. We thank you for trusting us, being an external institution, giving us the possibility of transmitting our knowledge from sports management and professional advice to your referents during the project assembly.

And we take the opportunity to tell you about the beautiful project that we started with the boys and professors of the DIAT FORESTAL PALPALA. It aims to form a recreational-competitive team. Our contribution will be to provide energy through volleyball training and sports management; generating containment through sport, looking for a new philosophy of life.

We thank all those who accompany us every day making this great Family a reality, which is JUJUY VOLEY FOUNDATION. We invite you to join and actively collaborate in the development of projects that motivate us to grow and be able to be a nexus – enabler of sports dreams, following the legacy left by the creator and mentor "Carlos el FLACO Muro."

We believe, we bet and trust the boys.

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