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Black Friday 2019 is about to arrive, one of the appointments marked in red in the calendar of consumers and businesses due to the large number of sales and offers They occur. This year will be the Friday, November 29.

Black friday, is a day in which you can buy hundreds of items on offer. In addition, in many stores these discounts are extended throughout the weekend. It is a tradition of origin American similar to our sale (although much more concentrated). However, the origin of his name is not very clear.

Every year, the Black friday It takes place on a different date. This is because the day after Thanksgiving. Or what is the same, the last Friday of November.

This Black friday If you decide to make purchases from the comfort of your home, one of the websites that you can not miss is that of eBay. Another auction and electronic commerce platform that participates in the Black friday, as it has done on past occasions, with discounts of up to 60%. In its Online store You will find the best discounts on electronics, fashion, motor, sports, home and garden and many more categories.

Where to buy? On eBay!

This e-commerce platform will also be added in the coming weeks to Black Friday. (Photo: the-emag)
This e-commerce platform will also be added in the coming weeks to Black Friday. (Photo: the-emag)

eBay It is one of the pioneer platforms of eCommerce which undoubtedly revolutionized the way of buying and selling online. eBay provides the necessary tools to connect buyers and sellers of 190 world markets. Whether new or second-hand items, the latest trends in fashion or technology or something unique in its kind, in eBay You will have the opportunity to find it and in a diverse price range.

Further, eBay He also introduced the auction purchase method with which to bid for those products that interest you and, if you're lucky, Achieve the best possible price! The catalog of eBay It is so wide that you will hardly find what you are looking for. Don't forget to check the daily deals and weekly offers for additional discounts.

eBay It defines itself: “Whatever you buy is new or used, simple or luxurious, common or rare, modern or unique, if they exist in the world, it is probably for sale on eBay. Our mission is to be the world's favorite destination to discover great prices and unique selections. We provide sellers with the platform, solutions and support they need to grow their businesses and prosper. We measure our success by the success of our customers. ”

What can I expect for Black Friday 2019 on eBay?

eBay is the most important buying and selling platform with the largest number of online auctions in the market. (Photo: Trusted reviews)
eBay is the most important buying and selling platform with the largest number of online auctions in the market. (Photo: Trusted reviews)

If everything follows the same dynamics of the previous year, you can expect to find a wide variety of new products and limited units until the 60% discount. The offers they appear in all categories of the portal, although the telephony, the electronics and the video game They are usually the big favorites among buyers.

How to buy on eBay?

eBay is your online buying and selling platform. (Photo: Gillfeld)
eBay is your online buying and selling platform. (Photo: Gillfeld)

You can buy whatever you want in eBay. To begin, follow these steps:

  1. Find an article: Enter the keywords in the search box located at the top of any page or browse our list of categories on the home page.
  2. More information about the item you found Read the item description carefully. If you have any questions about the article, you can find answers by the link Ask a question.
  3. Review the comments about the seller.To know the reputation of the seller, check the score and read the comments left by other buyers to make sure you can trust this seller.
  4. Offers or Buy it now! Check the article page to see the available purchase options. You can bid for an item or buy it instantly using the option Buy it now! Remember, all offers are active until the ad ends. If you win or click on the button Buy it now!, you are required to complete the transaction.
  5. Pay the item.After you have won or purchased the item, send your payment to the seller within 3 days. To pay using one of the electronic payment methods offered by the seller, click on the button Pay now in the ad or in the notification you received by email. If you are going to pick up the item, you can pay by any means accepted by the seller.

Discounts by category on eBay

At EBay Black Friday A frantic day is expected. And it is that during the 24 hours of Black Friday that this year falls on November 29, eBay has promised the publication of thousands of offers that will give us a great opportunity to find a large number of articles of different categories: fashion, electronics, decoration , sports, appliances, furniture, cosmetics … in short, the next Black Friday you can not miss eBay to see what they have prepared for us.

1. Featured

Featured items on eBay. (Photo: eBay)
Featured items on eBay. (Photo: eBay)

In featured, you will find the most wanted and sold products in recent days, ranging from cameras, wallets, shoes, cell phones and many more that are going to depend on where you are. Definitely a section that you should review before going to look for other articles.

2. Technology

Technology category on eBay, one of the most sought-after platform. (Photo: eBay)
Technology category on eBay, one of the most sought-after platform. (Photo: eBay)

Certainly the technology category It is one of the most users receives in the Black friday and the rest of the year either for a gift or for a personal taste. Technology articles are what are revolutionizing the world and therefore are the best sellers. In this category you can find, cell phones, cameras, headphones, speakers for your computer, controls of all consoles, cell phone protectors, tablets and more.

3. Fashion

Fashion category (Photo: eBay)
Fashion category (Photo: eBay)

In the fashion category, you will find articles like clocks, footwear, wallets, clothes for women / men of the different brands and also jewelry. No doubt this is the ideal category to buy Christmas gifts for family and friends.

4. Home and Garden

Home and Garden category. (Photo: eBay)
Home and Garden category. (Photo: eBay)

In the home and garden category you will find articles like linens, towels, carpets, deco, picture frames, sports articles, as well as Cleaning products, storage Y organization, furniture, picture or Art For your walls and more.

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