Economy: austerity package: AUA works council does not think about a strike



The AUA is planning a austerity package that will cost 700 to 800 jobs – one tenth of all jobs. For the time being, however, a strike is not an issue for the AUA works council.

Alfred Junghans, chairman of the ground works council at the AUA, wants to wait for details before he thinks about combat measures. "At the moment we would not know what we should strike against," said Junghans on Friday in the ORF morning journal. The works council referred – as before him company boss Alexis von Hoensbroech – on the natural fluctuation in the company, upcoming retirements and pilots who will return anyway to the mother Lufthansa.

"Social packages"

"Together with our social partner, we will fight for every job," says Junghans. One would "look at every single case" and put in place where people lose their jobs "appropriate social packages". But there is already a social plan valid until 2023 in the collective agreement, "we will use it where necessary," says Junghans.

"There have been discussions, the direction was presented to us," said Junghans to his information booth. For the conversion program a period of two years is assumed, "because one can operate on it". The works council "tries to move forward in a social partnership way. At the moment, I would not even put a strike or something in the room. We expect the things that come on the table. "

"Abnormal price war"

It is about the way they are implemented and how they deal with each other, "and then we will decide on the necessary measures relatively quickly, if that is necessary". Junghans spoke in the O1 interview also from a deviant price war. He criticized the low cost airlines. Here everything is bypassed, which can be bypassed, so Junghans – Audio in addition in

Junghans and his works council colleague Harald Ramoser are currently facing AUA leadership charges on another front because in 2009, when the AUA was on the brink of bankruptcy and government subsidies, it doubled its salary and overdrawn wages for ten years. The AUA calls the overpayment back for three years retroactively.

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