Ecuador equaled Chile in number of international team titles


This Saturday, Independiente del Valle touched the sky with his hands when he beat Colon de Santa Fe 3-1 and shouted champion in the Copa Sudamericana.

But this conquest of the group commanded by Miguel Angel Ramirez also served for Ecuador to match Chile in number of international team titles.

With the great celebration of Independiente del Valle, Ecuador reached its fifth international title, matching the line of the Chilean teams.

+ Ecuador's international titles:

Liberators 2008 (League of Quito)
South American 2009 (League of Quito)
Recopa 2009 (League of Quito)
Recopa 2010 (League of Quito)
South American 2019 (Independent of the Valley)

+ The international titles of Chile:

Libertadores 1991 (Colo Colo)
Recopa 1992 (Colo Colo)
Interamerican 1992 (Colo Colo)
Interamerican 1994 (Catholic University)
South American 2011 (University of Chile)

On the other hand, it should be noted that, previously, Liga de Quito had been the only Ecuadorian team to win international titles, so Independiente del Valle became the second.

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