Eddie Murphy wanted to prevent Whitney Houston's wedding


Was Whitney Houston (✝48) in a wrong triangular relationship? The singer married in 1992 her partner Bobby Brown (50). The marriage lasted until 2006 – the year the musician filed for divorce through her lawyers. From their time together came their daughter Bobbi Kristina (✝22). Now comes out: The marriage had almost not occurred. Because actor Eddy Murphy tried to play the wedding crasher on the morning of the ceremony!

Robyn Crawford, a former Whitney friend, claims in her new book A song for you: "Eddie Murphy called her to tell her she made a mistake, but she pulled it off." But not only that. The author is convinced that Bobby was actually only the second choice for Whitney. "She was more interested in Eddie Murphy, but he was very evasive."reveals the former employee of the deceased actress. For an agreed dinner at her home, the "Dr. Dolittle" actor simply did not show up at the time.

There were rumors of love for Whitney and Eddie before – but the 58-year-old denied a relationship with Extra TV following the Hollywood star's death in 2012: "I never did Whitney, she was a friend of mine. We were eating together, but they were never romantic dates, "Murphy clarified.

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Whitey Houston, Bobby Brown and Bobbi Kristina 1998
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Whitney Houston 2000
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Actor Eddie Murphy

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