Edwin Cardona and the criminal not charged in favor of Pachuca: "Arbitration leaves us bored"


Tigres and Pachuca achieved a 0-0 draw with several controversies within the match. An encounter of irregular play and, that for many of the players of the visit, with a conditioned arbitration.

One who got upset from the duel was the talented Colombian Edwin Cardona. The midfielder went into a tailspin with the referee for not charging a clear penalty for them.

"The penalty what? The judge did not go to review and the only thing that told us that above was not a penalty, but if he is the referee and makes the decision, he could move a little further", said the player.

The Colombian was bored by the bad decisions of the referee, especially in these instances where the Tuzos need the points to qualify for the Fiesta Grande.

"The arbitration leaves us bored, everyone could see it and it was a penalty. They are also not excuses because we had goal chances and we were superior to a great rival. I am happy about that, because the team showed that I could fight the first places. But well, we are suffering, especially the locals. It leaves us a little sad because we deserved it "he sentenced.

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