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Johanna Gapany realizes a feat. The young woman of 31 years becomes the first senator of the canton of Friborg. The PLR ​​is 158 ahead of outgoing PDC Beat Vonlanthen, whose party held a historic seat on the Council of States. The result fell late in the evening. Back on an afternoon of suspense marked by computer hiccups.

It is past 13 hours of a few minutes. On the site of the University of Friborg, headquarters to follow the second round of elections to the Council of States in the canton, a word is on everyone's lips: history. PLR Johanna Gapany is about to become the first senator in her canton. While it lacks only the result of five municipalities, it is ahead of more than 1000 votes Beat Vonlanthen, yet former cantonal minister. On the phone, Doris Fiala, president of the PLR ​​women, struggles to hold back her tears. "It's amazing what she did."

An hour later, it's the cold shower. "A computer problem has been identified, says Chancellor Danielle Gagnaux-Morel, in front of a dumbfounded audience. At this point, I can not say when it will be resolved or whether it will affect the results. "One thing is certain, newsletters have been forgotten.

The calculators begin to heat both the journalists and the staffs of the parties. And a few additions later, a shiver runs through the lobby: Johanna Gapany's advance on Beat Vonlanthen has shrunk.
A little further, at the Cafe du Midi, the PLR's stammer, smiles are replaced by tensions. The waiting even becomes quickly unbearable, as the hours pass by, without any new results being communicated. "One wonders what is happening, but at least this quack will speak of the elections Friborg," slides – in a yellow laugh – the national adviser Jacques Bourgeois (PLR / FR).

An image perfectly summarizes this radical change of atmosphere. After her triumphant arrival at around 2 pm, where she was crumbling with cheers and crying in the arms of her supporters, Johanna Gapany prefers to stand aside and leave the place in a small committee around 3:30 pm She will reappear later in his stronghold of Bulle.
"There was a lot of energy in the early afternoon. We felt that something historic was happening. All this tension has fallen, "laments a journalist present at the Cafe du Midi. "Whatever happens, the party is ruined," says a PLR activist, who is also preparing to leave. If the enthusiasm of the militants is reached, it is also because this technical breakdown has a second effect: it makes the filing of an appeal likely. Whatever the name of the one who should prevail, it would then be necessary to wait for a recount to be certain that he will be sitting in Berne.

"It's hard to understand"

"Confidence in the vote is shaken, recognizes Eric Collomb, co-chair of the DCP Friborg. We'll see how many voices Beat Gapany's Beat Vonlanthen has, but if it's less than 200, we'll have recourse. It's hard to understand what happened. It's a majority election, without a matching list, it's all about making additions. How can this mess get so much time? "

On the side of the president of the PLR, we are much more serene. Normal, her candidate is still in the lead. "A computer problem is also part of politics," explains Sebastien Dorthe, who understands this endless waiting. "After discovering errors, the Chancery takes every precaution to ensure that the results given are irreproachable. We knew that everything would be played in a handkerchief. That's what is happening. "Will the PLR ​​resort if her candidate finishes third? "We'll talk about it at your leisure."

This suspenseful duel between Beat Vonlanthen and Johanna Gapany would almost forget the almost guaranteed election of Christian Levrat, who came in the lead. A Pyrrhic victory, however, for the President of the Socialist Party. Although the Friburgers agreed to take him back to Bern, they did not follow his foot calls. In this race, Christian Levrat was teaming well with Vonlanthen, against Gapany.

Night fell on Friborg. On the University website, the Chancellor again summons the press. She apologizes by announcing that the operations are now done by hand. No results will be published until 9pm.

9:18 pm, the verdict falls. In Bulle, the party can begin … waiting for the use of the PDC.

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