Eibar vs. Real Madrid – Match Report – November 9, 2019


MADRID (EFE) – Real Madrid, reinforced in its confidence by the win against Galatasaray, took out the steamroller in Eibar, showed its best face, mainly in the first part, and thrashed the team of Jose Luis Mendilibar without compassion in a game in which he sent from the first minute of the game and hardly gave any option to the locals.

Real Madrid, as it did against the Turkish team in the Champions League, started the game quite well. He broke the arm pressure with precision and speed in the combinations and left the match sentenced practically in the initial half hour with a 0-3.

Mendilibar's team tried to make their classic game in Ipurua, but Real Madrid knew how to counterbalance the game of a local team that could not get past the center of the field.

So much so, that Benzema had the first goal after a great action by a great Hazard on the left wing, but his shot was met with Dmitrovic's gloves.

The locals did not find themselves in their fort, and seemed to be at the mercy of a Real Madrid coming up after the European win. Mendilibar was not at ease with what he saw, although just as true is that his people could not help but endure the weather and soccer downpour in the first quarter of an hour.

It took Benzema 17 minutes to sign Madrid's superiority on the scoreboard. Almost immediately, the Argentine De Blasis committed a clear penalty on Hazard two minutes later, that Sergio Ramos was responsible for scoring with mastery to, despite the time that remained ahead, to sentence the match before the 20 minutes of play.

The armored team did not seem the same as always in Ipurua, although it was more for the great Real Madrid game than for its own wrongdoing. Mendilibar had to react, perhaps thinking of the comeback against Sevilla, when they ended up winning after having an identical adverse result.

But Hazard, Modric, headline instead of Toni Kroos, and Benzema were not in the job of allowing Eibar to approach Courtois, while those of Zidane curdled those that were possibly the best minutes of the season for Real Madrid.

So much so, that Lucas Vazquez provoked another clear penalty, that in this case he was responsible for converting a Benzema that deserved his second goal for the match he was playing. The Frenchman surpassed the myth Ferenc Puskas and became the sixth scorer of Real Madrid in the history of the League.

Before even half an hour, the Madrid storm had ended with Ipurua, with Eibar, and with the doubts that the merengue game could have been created in the previous league games, as in the previous one against Betis, against which he gave a 0-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Ipurua continued to cheer and dance in the rain, although his team did not find any waterway to break the defense of Real Madrid. The Eibar, although he wanted to, could not with the more than improved version of a Real Madrid that went to the quiet rest and with the satisfaction of the job well done, although there were still 45 minutes left.

The gunsmiths, who had worried in the prolongation of the first part with two offsets from Gonzalo Escalante and Sergi Enrich, jumped into the field with another attitude in the second part, either because of the reprimand of Mendilibar at rest or because Madrid had come down a March.

In any case, Zidane did not want his people to relax under any circumstances, and Benzema understood it well by reaching the armored area once again in danger.

The Eibar wanted to at least win the partial of the second half, and although the VAR did not grant him a possible penalty that did not look like it, the gunsmiths were approaching their version at home in the first minutes of the second part, though , leaving the option of counterattack to Real Madrid, who put the icing on a magnificent goal by Uruguayan Fede Valverde after a pass from Modric.

The first goal of the young Charrua, who once again demonstrated his starting line, was the tip for a fully subdued Eibar, as has rarely happened in Ipurua since joining the First Division.

Zidane entered Isco and Vinicius trying to find his best performance against an opponent who was inoperative every time he looked at the scoreboard. The game had been over for many minutes as far as the result is concerned, and despite this, Eibar could not find a way to attack the visiting defense, even with the entry of Pedro Leon.

Courtois managed to overcome the record of unbeatable Keylor Navas in the 75th minute, which became the most remarkable data at that time of the game

In the absence of a little more than ten minutes, Eibar only thought that the fifth did not arrive, while Madrid continued to like it, although already without forcing and more worried almost not to fit, to close a convincing victory.

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