Eintracht Frankfurt Commentary: Harsh punishment for Abraham scandal


Captain David Abraham burned in the stoppage time in the game in Freiburg, the backups when he umsammten SC coach Streich. A comment.

Frankfurt – A very bad evening for all those with Eintracht Frankfurt. It all began in the first half when Gelson Fernandes received a yellow and red card from referee dr. Felix Brych got. A generally acceptable action, but Brych did not show a clear line throughout the season. Especially in the first half there was no yellow card for worse fouls. Therefore, the dismissal is extremely annoying, because he was crucial to the game.

Eintracht Frankfurt: David Abraham with scandal

That was not the worst action of the evening. Not even the 77th minute, as Freiburg striker Petersen Frederik ROnnow does not give a chance and einschiebt the much acclaimed winning goal. The negative climax occurred in stoppage time: Freiburg coach Christian Streich lets a ball pass by so that the SBU can not intervene quickly. David Abraham comes sprinted and rammed the coach with full force. Within fractions of a second, the entire bank of hosts jumps up and rushes towards the Eintracht captain. Grifo grabbed Abraham's face and saw red – as did David Abraham himself.

Eintracht loses in Freiburg: Two eagles see red

Eintracht Frankfurt: Hard lock for Abraham action

A very stupid action of the Eintracht captain, in this scene completely blown the fuses. It is unclear whether Abraham was provoked by Christian Streich, but even if that was the case, the Argentinian should not allow himself to be carried away to such a scene. With this action, Abraham harms himself and the club. Fredi Bobic already announced consequences. David Abraham should receive a long suspension from the sports court of the DFB, so that everyone knows that such scenes in the stadium have no business.

Eintracht loses in Freiburg: Abraham burn the fuses


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