Election Crime in the Canton of Friborg – Johanna Gapany supplants Beat Vonlanthen from the Council of States – News


Election Crime in the Canton of Friborg – Johanna Gapany supplants Beat Vonlanthen from the Council of States – News – SRF

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The 31-year-old FDP challenger, in addition to SP President Levrat, is the first woman in the canton to join StOckli.

  • The acting CVP Council of States Beat Vonlanthen was not re-elected in the second round of the state elections (30,964 votes).
  • 31-year-old Johanna Gapany (FDP) is the first woman to join the Council of States for the Canton of Friborg (31,122 votes). She scored 158 more votes than Vonlanthen
  • SP President Christian Levrat was always in the lead during the long election day (38'337 votes).
  • Due to technical transmission problems, the counting of the election results was delayed until 9 pm.

With Gapany and Levrat, two people from the district of Gruyeres will represent the canton of Friborg in the Council of States for the next four years. Johanna Gapany lives in Bulle and sits in the local council of the 23'500 inhabitants counting city. She is also a member of the board of directors of the Freiburg cantonal parliament and works as a project manager at a private hospital in Freiburg / Friborg.

Beat Vonlanthen.

Beat Vonlanthen (CVP) was not re-elected third.


Also Christian Levrat not far from Bulle in Vuadens. He will take up his third legislative term in the Council of States in December. For many years, always a French and a German-speaking represented the bilingual Canton of Friborg in the Council of States.

The long wait for the results

The count stopped in the afternoon due to incorrect results. The State Chancellery spoke of "technical problems". When collecting the votes, the canton of Friborg relied on an external company. The system of this company cause problems. Throughout the afternoon, experts tried to solve the mistake.

State Chancellor Danielle Gagnaux-Morel apologized to the media for the delay. "We decided to do it manually now," Gagnaux-Morel said shortly after 6pm. The polling stations then manually submitted the latest results.

SRF 1, Regional Journal Bern Freiburg Wallis, 9.11. 5.30 pm, 10.11 am 5.30 pm; SDA / reia; Kurn

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