Election results in the Valencian Community: first polls


The first surveys of the 10N general elections in the Valencian Community They show similar results to those that can be extrapolated to Spain.

According to the GAD 3 survey for À Punt and FORTA, the PSPV-PSOE would have obtained 10-11 deputies; the PP, would be the second force with between 7 and 9, while Vox would ascend to the third position with 7.

For its part, Unides Podem would have between 3-4 deputies, Citizens 2 and Compromis-Mes Pais, 1.

All the information of the 10N elections

Discover with Lift-EMV all the information of the 2019 general election candidates, of the programs of each match for this new appointment with the polls and the news, curiosities and highlights that will be developed during this new election campaign, as well as those that will take place during Voting on November 10. On the same day of the elections you can also access quickly, directly and visually the 10N election results in Valencia, Alicante Y Castello, in addition to, for the first time, the results of the general elections 2019 in Basin, watershed, catchment area, socket, bowl, hollow.

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