Elections in Salta: the main candidates for governor voted


When attending the 5080 school in the city of Salta, the candidate said that if he wins the elections he will have "the obligation to work together with who has been elected president of the Nation"Alberto Fernandez

"We are going to wait for the results to be defined today and, of course, we have to win or lose, we will make ourselves available," said Saenz.

To its turn, the candidate of the Front of All Sergio "Bear" Leavy said he expected "a lot of participation" at the polls, and said he was reported about "some situations that are not very clear" with the vote.

He argued that "there should be no errors in the machines," but said "some did not work well."

"We have some situations that are not very clear like those that some citizens told me, who cast their vote for one candidate but the name of another appeared," said the candidate and also national senator elected by Salta.

This Saturday, the National Justicialist Party warned of alleged irregularities with electronic prosecutors.

It should be remembered that the Saltenos choose this Sunday their next governor, in a contest that has the current mayor of the capital, Gustavo Saenz, and to the national deputy and candidate of the Frente de Todos, Sergio "Bear" Leavy, as main competitors.

This is the last election of a hectic electoral schedule, in which just over a million citizens are entitled to vote.

In the provincial primary of last October 6, the communal chief of the City of Salta won with 42.81 percent of the votes, while Peronism, with two lists, garnered 32.22 points, resulting Leavy winner of the intern and consecrated candidate of the Front of All.

Of Peronist origin, Saenz had approached Cambiemos in 2017 after having been Sergio Massa's companion in the 2015 presidential elections, and now, within the "Saenz Gobernador" space, he fights to reach the Executive.

The mayor of the provincial capital takes as vice candidate the historic Peronist leader Antonio Oscar Marocco, while Leavy takes as former fellow formula to the former minister of provincial economy Emiliano Estrada.

The result of the election will also define whether or not Leavy will assume as national senator, given that he was elected as such in the national elections of October 27 but, in case of winning the provincial elections, he will not occupy his seat in Congress.

For its part, the Olmedo Governor Front promotes the binomial formed by the national deputy Alfredo Olmedo and his peer in the lower house and radical leader Miguel Nanni Valero: in the primary they harvested 19.39 percent of the votes.

Meanwhile, the Left-Unit Front proposes to the pair Pablo Lopez-Gabriela Cerrano, who in October was left with 3.59 percent of the electorate.

The Frente Grande also competes with the formula Elia Fernandez-Diego Saravia Alia: in the elections of October 6, it had been supported by 1.96 percent of the voters.

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