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Elections in Spain

Spain today holds its general elections in the midst of a context that compared to the April elections, a participation below 37.93 percent is recorded, at least five hours after the opening of the polls.
According to Prensa Latina, the first official data, offered by the Secretary of State for Communication, Miguel Angel Oliver, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Isabel Goicoechea, attendance at schools is 3.5 points lower than six years ago months at the same time.
With regard to normality is the tonic of the electoral day, which has been developed so far without incident, both officials stressed.
To this vote, the second in 2019, just over 37 million voters are called to renew the Senate (208 seats) and the Congress of Deputies (350 seats), the lower house in charge of electing the next president of the Spanish Government.
The legislative elections this Sunday – the fourth in four years – are a repetition of those held last April 28, because the main political parties failed to reach a governance agreement.
With an open crisis in Catalonia that would benefit the right-wing parties, particularly the right-wing Vox, the new appointment with the polls will leave, judging by the polls, greater parliamentary fragmentation, which could extend the institutional paralysis.
If this prediction is confirmed, none of the five main forces with representation in the Lower House will reach a sufficient majority, so once again agreements will be necessary to unlock the situation in a country without a pact culture.
The almost 23 thousand polling stations authorized for the occasion will remain open until 20:00 local time and three hours later it is expected that the almost definitive results will be known.
To guarantee the tranquility of the day, the Government launched a security device composed of some 93 thousand agents throughout the Iberian nation.

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