Elisabeth Borne invites EDF to consider a "100% renewable" scenario


The minister of ecological transition does not "share" the view of the president of EDF on the construction of new nuclear power plants.

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The Minister of the ecological transition, Elisabeth Borne, called EDF, Sunday, November 10, to " reflect " to his role in case a scenario "100% renewable energy" would be retained in the long term for the supply of energy in France, at the expense of new nuclear power stations.

"The goal is to reduce the share of nuclear power to 50% by 2035. Beyond, we must have all scenarios on the table with a goal to ensure for all French and businesses affordable electricity"said Elisabeth Borne in the France Inter, France Televisions and Le Monde political program.

In an internal document revealed Saturday by The world, EDF estimates the unit cost of potential new EPRs to be at least 7.5 billion euros, more than double the original price of Flamanville's third-generation nuclear reactor, which has accumulated delays and has a current bill of 12, 4 billion. In October, EDF CEO Jean-Bernard Levy told the same newspaper that"It is clear that France is preparing to build new nuclear power plants".

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Borne does not "share" Levy's point of view

On Sunday, Elisabeth Borne felt that " it is very good " that Jean-Bernard Levy "Have his point of view, that I do not share. It turns out that the energy policy, it is rather the government and in particular the minister in charge of energy that I am who must define it ".

"I invite him to integrate this scenario on which the government works, 100% renewable. It is essential that EDF also think about how it can be a great player in such a scenario "added the minister.

"I confirm that we are studying both a scenario in which we continue to make new nuclear power plants, and also a 100% renewable scenario"said Elisabeth Borne. "We must have all the elements on the table mid-2021" and "We said that we would not make decisions on new nuclear power plants before Flamanville was commissioned"she recalled.

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Ms. Borne admitted that "What has not been studied enough is 100% renewable scenarios. We are not the only ones [countries] to study this kind of scenario. This is a scenario that we are studying with the International Energy Agency, and we wish to have the elements mid-2021 because they are not totally trivial subjects ».

Nuclear energy "Does not emit greenhouse gases, it's a plus" But "It produces waste, we have it for hundreds of thousands of years, it's a minus"she summarized.

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