Ellen DeGeneres leaves schoolgirl desperate to phone book


Burbank, California –

What would her grandparents say about that? The 17-year-old Marley Flandro was a guest on US talker Ellen DeGeneres (61), when she had to admit: Using a telephone book is more difficult than expected.

In the "The Ellen Show" the American show master Ellen DeGeneres celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Internet. Fittingly, she rummaged in her nostalgia box and presented the teenager Marley her find.

"The Ellen Show" digs out the dial-up phone again

An auto-folding card, a phone book and an old dial-up phone. Three things that were not foreign to Marley, at least visually and by name. In the operation, however, she came to their limits.

The beginning was the folding of the card. Practically gifted, the pupil boldly folded on it, ignoring the direction of the folds. At some point Ellen then handed it and she finished the wild folding arts of Marley.

Maybe the student was just tired.

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Card, Phonebook, Telephone – Marley has no luck on Ellen's show

After the Falt debacle Marley should show that she can find the number of a previously mentioned person from the phone book. Wild blistering, the blonde started optimistic in the next round and began to look meticulously in the wrong area of ​​the phone book. How exactly she came to find that said name in the area of ​​car companies and parts, Ellen also seemed to be a mystery.

Also, this exam was terminated by the show master and Marley was allowed, as practical, read the number of a note. At least entering the said phone number should no longer be a problem for the student.

In her turn tests on the dial, however, it looked more like broken fingernail, instead of successful phone call.

Despite failure, the loser creams fat on Ellen DeGeneres

Even the still good-humored Marley had to laugh. Her conclusion to the failed Challenge: "My parents are probably so disappointed in me."

Despite failed examination, there is at least a XXL flatscreen for the teenager with home. With such a consolation prize, the disappointment should have disappeared quickly. (Sj)

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