Enns & Asten: Three drug traffickers withdrawn from circulation


Police officers from Enns withdrew three drug traffickers on 8 November 2019 within three hours.

ASTEN, ENNS. At 2.30 pm a woman from the Linz-Land district in Enns was stopped by the police. Due to clear symptoms of drug impairment, she was asked to undergo a clinical examination, which she refused. The driver's license could not be taken from her; he had already been deprived of her by the authorities.

At 16.25 and 17.30 clock two other drivers were stopped in the area of ​​Asten. A Bosnian from Linz and a young Frenchman also showed clear signs of substance abuse. They were therefore presented to a doctor for clinical examination, which certified in both arms a driving unfitness. The Bosnian driver's license was taken. The Frenchman does not have a valid driving license, the order of the district capital Linz-Land has been levied a security deposit.

All three drivers were forbidden to continue.

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