enormous disturbances in the top match Bayern against BVB


Sky: Ironically, during the top match between Bayern Munich and BVB last night, the number of paying customers remained black. Initial estimates are based on around 100,000 customers who have not seen football despite paid fees.

While pay-TV broadcaster Sky Deutschland is still busy changing over the encryption of its channels, massive reception problems have now hit the weekend again. On today's Sunday all disturbances.de up to 67.018 disturbances within the last 24 hours are announced. In the Sky Community, the forum of the station, many customers are furious.

"One of the most important games of the year starts and promptly I get an error message from SkyGo. Until shortly before the start of the game, it was still. At SkyGo Code PFE 9004-IH. I can not sign up for Sky Ticket. Yes, I have both … and you can not do both.

Have just got a big throat * grumble * "

sky germany

Also, the game is not that good. Sky once again causes anger. If the bvb loses today, the abo will be canceled on Monday. Turns the bvb but still, was sky if it is a good buy

– nico (@nicoBKL) November 9, 2019

Instead of the match between FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund many saw only an error message yesterday evening. Sky had obviously struggled with significant technical difficulties in transmitting on the Internet.

The broadcaster responded on Twitter that there would be problems with Sky Go and Sky Ticket. Most fans did not really care that one "already at a high pressure on a solution"Worked and apologized for the inconvenience. On press request of the colleagues from the Tagesspiegel wanted or could call still no further details to the causes. One will inform the affected customers as soon as possible, if they are possibly entitled to a compensation. Similar problems already existed last weekend, but not in this form. "The problem was resolved during yesterday's game", It was said. The cause for the occurrence of the error code had not yet been found. Work on it, that something can not happen again.

Our insider from Familyforum.biz assumes that these problems "Only logical"Be. All normal customers who have received no image due to the transponder transposed, apparently tried time to watch the football match via the Internet stream. The Sky server was not able to do that for long.

The forum of sky is still high. A user complains that he theoretically had three options to watch the program. At Sky Go came the error message, with Sky ticket was no login possible. And when trying to record from the receiver via Sky Go came the usual error that the commentator sound was not transferred. "It is not much more embarrassing anymore", Writes the paying user.


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