Erick Aguirre responds to Chivas' interest in hiring him


Rumors regarding the Clausura 2020 tournament in Chivas are still quite strong even though the current tournament is not over yet.

And there are two factors involved: The arrival of Ricardo Pelaez to the flock and the fact that Chivas needs a real miracle to qualify for the Mexican soccer league, so many take it for granted.

This is the reason why Ricardo Pelaez has already started to negotiate to bring footballers and possibly a new technical director to Chivas, something that finally seems aimed at giving continuity to the Luis Fernando Tena project.

Luis Fernando Tena

One of the players who have sounded the most to get to Chivas is the soccer player of Los Tuzos del Pachuca Erick Aguirre, a player that is of rojiblanco interest since the last transfer market and that, now with the negotiations between Chivas and Grupo Pachuca by Jose Juan Macias, his arrival in the flock is again the most popular in the world of rumors of the next transfer market.

Given this situation, Aguirre said that these rumors are flattering him and especially coming from a team like Chivas, however, he is 100% focused with the Tuzos del Pachuca at the moment:

"They are rumors, I am concentrated one hundred percent in Pachuca and all players are exposed to that, it is an extra motivation that my name sounds, that means we are doing things well." He assured that young Mexican soccer player.

Together with Erick Aguirre, the other Pachuca footballer who could reach Chivas is Victor Guzman, a player who did not close the doors to the Flock and said that if he does not go to Europe, Chivas is a really important possibility to continue his career as professional football player.

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