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Colombian ex-president Ernesto Samper (1994-1998), one of the progressive leaders gathered in the Puebla Group this weekend in Buenos Aires, told Efe on Sunday that the decision of Bolivian president Evo Morales to call new elections is "generous ".

"It seems to me that it has been a very generous and coherent attitude on the part of President Evo Morales to offer new elections, when he had at least a sufficient majority in the initial records to claim legitimacy, "he said
Samper in statements during a recess on the second day of the progressive forum, which focused on the situation in Bolivia.

Samper confirmed that during the morning, the Puebla Group's agenda was altered after Morales called for the repetition of the presidential elections in Bolivia after a report of the Organization of American States was released. (OAS) that recommended it.

In a statement, the organization advised that the electoral process in the Andean country should start again taking place "the first round as soon as there are new conditions that give new guarantees for its celebration, among them, a new composition of the electoral body. "

In a brief appearance in which he did not cite this report, Morales, who in the previous days warned that there was the possibility of a "coup d'etat" against him, assured that the new appointment with the polls will be held with a renewed electoral body, before the denunciations of fraud in the first return of which the current one is accused.

Samper, former secretary general of Unasur, called on the "democratic sectors" of the opposition to "attend" Morales's offer.

"I hope that the democratic leaders of the opposition understand the importance of this outstretched hand that Evo Morales does in offering the possibility of new elections," he said.

The Colombian ex-president, one of the spokesmen of the Puebla Group, said that The forum has been in communication with the indigenous leader but also with Bolivian "opposition sectors", although he pointed out that all conversations occur on a "totally informal level" due to the nature of the conclave.

On the outcome of the meeting, which ends this, Samper said that Latin America is an "unpredictable" region but that progressive leaders gathered in Buenos Aires have read "the claims" of a sector of the population that feels that "it is proletarianizing "and that a climate favorable to progressivism in the region has been opened" with events such as the release of former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva and the election of Peronist Alberto Fernandez as Argentine president.

De Fernandez said he must be the "protagonist" of progressive change in Latin America.

With the motto "Change is progressivism", a hotel in the center of the Argentine capital hosts on Saturday and Sunday a meeting that comes preceded from the one held last July in the Mexican city of Puebla, in which the group was constituted as "space for reflection and political exchange in Latin America".

The appointment of the Group of Puebla in Argentina also includes the former presidents of Panama, Martin Torrijos; from Paraguay, Fernando Lugo; Brazil's former chancellor Celso Amorim; one of the founders of the Brazilian Workers Party, Aloizio Mercadante; the former Chilean presidential candidate, Marco Antonio Enriquez-Ominami and his father, the former Minister of Economy and former senator, Carlos Ominami, among others.


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