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The predisposition of the next president of the ATP, Andrea Gaudenzi, to study the extension of some aspects of the Next Gen ATP Finals to the rest of the circuit has given talk. The commentators and experts in Eurosport tennis contribute their point of view on the possibility of a tennis with shorter games and more adapted to the demand of the younger fans.

Video – Tennis seeks to adapt to the future so as not to lose the fans


Fernando Murciego It also takes into account the traditional factor of tennis and considers that the shortening of the sets does not have to be the only solution: “It seems excessive to me, since if this were approved, nothing would be the same, and that is not what we are looking for. The goal is to become a better product, perhaps faster, more entertaining. In my opinion, I always liked the idea of ​​the gold point at 40-40, it could be a good starting point to start that little revolution that so many people start to see necessary" Gomez further points out that “tennis has already made important changes in the last two decades, such as stopping sitting at the end of the first game of each set, the electronic review of arbitration decisions and the implementation of various tie-breaker modes in the final partial of Grand's matches. Slam, except for Roland Garros"

Video – This is how coaching works, one of the best innovations of the Next Gen ATP Finals


Are you favorable for tennis to shorten the sets to four games?

Yes, the Next Gen ATP Finals are a success

Yes, as long as they don't add more sets

No, the best tennis matches are the longest

No, the changes have to be proposed by the players

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