"Everything is off the table", according to Xavier Bertrand on RTL


An act "odious and unacceptable". On 5 November, three ministers sent a "message of firmness" and "hope" to Chanteloup-les-Vignes, three days after the burning of the circus school of this popular town of Yvelines.

Interior Ministers Christophe Castaner, Justice Nicole Belloubet and Ville Julien Denormandie spoke with firefighters and police officers who intervened Saturday night during a night of violence during which they were the target of projectiles from about thirty individuals.

During the RTL Grand Jury, Le Figaro, LCI Sunday, November 10, Xavier Bertrand believes that "everything fucks the camp". "I was told this week when I was traveling, people do not feel safe anymore," he says. Is the state doing its best? "No, he does not do it anymore, replies the president of the region Hauts-de-France which indicates thatyou have to face the truth".

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said the violence in Chanteloup-les-Vignes was "indeed criminal acts" in response to the opposition on the right who accused him of verbal "laxity" for having spoken of "fools" . According to Xavier Bertrand, "it's not about fools".

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