Everything you did not see about the shamanic commitment of Claudio Caniggia and Sofia Bonelli


Nine months after starting your relationship, Claudio Paul Caniggia Y Sofia Bonelli They engaged on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, in Tulum, Mexico. The union that was celebrated under an ancestral Mayan rite, was a choice of the couple to leave behind the convulsed months that they lived in the middle of the legal and public dispute that they maintain with the ex of the soccer player, Mariana Nannis. The trip to Aztec land to celebrate this spiritual ceremony coincided with some commercial projects of Caniggia in Mexico that had to do with the Formula 1 GP and a proposal that, if materialized, would mark Caniggia's return to football but from the role of manager from a Mexican club.

On Friday 1, at 2:30 p.m., the couple arrived at the ecological hotel Azulik, a paradise set in a jungle with access to the sea distributed in shops as if it were a tribe. There are 48 cabins of an ancestral architecture, where wood and stone prevail, and where there is no electricity, air conditioning and television. A scenario in unplugged mode that served the fiance to connect with its essence.

There they were received by the PR of the complex, the Argentine Gaby Alvarez, and his wife, Lucrecia, who from the beginning made themselves available to the couple to shape their commitment.

The first contact with the place was hypnotic for the couple, who shared a guided tour of the place next to Catarina Spinetta Y Nahuel Mutti, who were there for a walk. They visited a space dedicated to art, immersed in the middle of nature and where the Mayan culture expresses itself in all its splendor. "It is a sanctuary facing the sea”, The visitors described, who were entertained with typical regional dishes such as prawns in white wine with a chocolate vinaigrette.

In the evening, Caniggia and Bonelli had dinner with Gaby Alvarez and his partner to finalize the details of the Sunday ceremony at 17:00 local time. The meeting was in one of the restaurants of the complex, Kin Toh, located in a treetop. There they tasted pasta with truffles and oysters, among other dishes. In that same place, they recently celebrated their birthdays Alicia Keys Y Al Pacino, to give the resto even more mystical.

Meditation, yoga, swimming, massage and aromatherapy were some of the activities performed by the former footballer and the model and journalist in the pre-wedding. In that environment, they also received a select group of 12 guests, among whom were some presidents of European football clubs.

Always with the premise that the ceremony was as friendly to the environment, Sofia relied on the advice of Lucrecia, wife of Gaby Alvarez, who got her an ecological dress designed by a friend of his who has a store in New York, Nicholas K. For his part, Claudio opted for the Tuluminati house, where he acquired some shoes and a jute hat, according to the local handmade confection.

In the pre-wedding, Claudio and Sofia visited Casa Malla, the mansion that belonged to Pablo Escobar and today is a tourist spot of the Riviera Maya. Then they took refuge in their cabin waiting for the ritual that united them. Both agreed to submit to the Mayan rite of Copal, an herb that turns into incense that ignites and throws a black smoke – the smoke – that cleanses the bad energies. According to belief, metaphysical cleansing regenerates or releases the person from blocking and low frequencies. In addition to copal, there are several types of plants, eggs, candles, feathers of different birds, water, alcohol or mezcal, among others.

In the evening, the couple had dinner with their guests at the Tseen Ja restaurant, which fuses Mexican and Japanese cuisine. It was time to toast and announce what will be his second commitment, much more earthly, in Henderson, the hometown of Caniggia.

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