EVIDENCE. On the march against Islamophobia, the fed up of "discriminations"


"Discrimination", "Suspicion", "Amalgams"protesters march against Islamophobia Sunday, November 10 believe it is urgent to react to the "Big danger" looming in an atmosphere reminiscent of "1930s".

"As a veiled woman, I am the first to be there, because discrimination, I live on a daily basis"says Myriam, the young woman from Val-de-Marne.

Master of Education Science in his pocket, the thirties have never been able to find a job in his sector, because of his veil, she believes. "At the level of the CV, it was ok, but in facies, it was impossible to have a job. So I am a self-entrepreneur, I had to create my job to get one, and I work in the restaurant industry. I had to give up my ambitions ».

Responsible politicians

However, since she saw a mother veiled being scolded by a RN elected during a school trip, she is convinced that the worst is yet to come: "Today, I even dread being a mother. To the point that I put money aside so that the day I have a child, I can put it in private ".

"I am tired of policies with variable geometry. Freedom, equality, fraternity is flan! ", Hinda, an employee of an association during a demonstration in Marseille. Until today, she said, she had not "Never felt the need to claim (her) religion, (she) was French".

"But today I wonder. When I see that politicians do not react when we are insulted, we are belittled, they throw oil on the fire and no one is shocked, I tell myself that it is time to react. I believe in secularism as it exists in the texts, but some make it a weapon against us. We are trampling on our rights, we are restoring state denunciation to the highest level, it is dangerous. I see a great danger looming, I think of the atmosphere of the 30s, the worst hours of history. "

A political agenda

"Even if I'm not a Muslim, it's important to come and advocate living together, because it's scandalous to always blame the Muslims when something happens", says Thomas, graphic designer with round glasses, came to the Paris demonstration with friends.

For him, it's " obvious ", the context is dictated by a political will: "Muslims are particularly discriminated against. The question of the veil is put forward constantly. All that is way too much hammered for it to be innocent ".

For some time, cook Ayoub Metchel, no longer watching television: "As soon as I turn on, it speaks of the Muslims, all the time in trouble, all day long. It's depressing, it plays on morale. There are far too many anti-Muslim acts. Things have to change, stop, because there, we come to a peak of Islamophobia ", estimates the forty-year-old flanked by a gray beret.

Too many amalgam

"There is a real problem with the media", asserts Aurore Gaillard, an intermittent spectacle: "Muslims are always singled out, with Muslim amalgams = terrorists".

Even if "Things will not change overnight", the Parisian walk will allow to show That this is also the Muslims, people who parade quietly, deep down, everything is fine.

"But I can see that Muslims are looked at differently"explains the woman of Jewish confession. "That they are seen with suspicion. "

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EVIDENCE. On the march against Islamophobia, the fed up of "discriminations"Ouest-France.fr

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