Evo Morales announces new general elections and calls for the pacification of Bolivia


The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, summoned new general elections this Sunday and announced that he will renew all the members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, measures aimed at pacifying the country before the onslaught of the right-wing opposition, which orchestrated a campaign against the mandatary.

At a press conference, Morales said that he decided "to renew the entire electoral vowels of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. In the following hours the Plurinational Legislative Assembly in agreement with all political forces will establish the procedures."

He also indicated that "new national elections will be convened that, by voting, allow the Bolivian people to democratically elect their new authorities by incorporating new political actors."

"Sisters and brothers of the press, to the people of Bolivia, after this decision we made, I want to ask to reduce all the tension, we all have an obligation to pacify Bolivia," said the head of state, who won the elections of the last October 20, but the opposition refused to recognize.

In what was described by Morales as an ongoing coup d'etat, the right-wing opposition before the elections initiated a systematic campaign to denounce an alleged electoral fraud, which they never verified, but began a campaign of violence and intimidation throughout the country .

In his presentation to the press, the Bolivian president called for "respect between families, respect for private property, respect for authorities, respect for all social sectors"

"All we have in Bolivia is the heritage of the Bolivian people and not among Bolivians we can face each other to harm. Therefore, my request to all and all, to guarantee peaceful coexistence; to guarantee ending violence for the good of all ".

The violence was exacerbated in the last hours when sectors of the opposition attacked the media, communities that support President Morales, private properties, and relatives of the president.

The pronouncement of the Bolivian head of state comes from when opposition leaders, such as Luis Camacho and Carlos Mesa, not only rejected the dialogue but instigated acts of violence in the last two weeks in the South American country, promoting a coup d'etat.

In addition, the Organization of American States (OAS), contrary to what was previously agreed with the Bolivian authorities, advanced the report of its mission that conducted an audit of the electoral process and recommended holding new elections.

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