Evo Morales: Armed Forces ask the president to resign to pacify Bolivia | Williams Kaliman Latin America


Peace. The commander in chief of the Armed Forces of Bolivia, The general Williams Kaliman, asked the president on Sunday Evo Morales to resign, amid protests over his questioned re-election in the elections of October 20, in which there were irregularities, according to the OAS.

"After analyzing the internal conflict situation, we ask the president of the State to renounce his presidential mandate allowing the pacification and maintenance of stability, for the good of our Bolivia"said the general Kaliman before the press

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"We join the request of the Bolivian people to suggest Mr. President Evo Morales to present his resignation to pacify the people of Bolivia," said General Police Commander General Vladimir Yuri Calderon.

Likewise, Kaliman He announced that he ordered “air and ground military operations to neutralize armed groups that are acting outside the law,” in apparent allusion to the violent bus attacks of opposition protesters traveling to La Paz.

Morales He called new elections this Sunday, after an OAS audit that detected “irregularities” in the elections, but his announcement did not conform to opposition leaders who again demanded his resignation amid growing tensions and demonstrations in the streets that caused the resignation of several senior officials.

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