Evo Morales calls to mobilize against the coup, in defense of democracy


The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, today summoned the patriots and social movements, to defend democracy, in a peaceful march to preserve life and for unity in the face of the coup that is brewing in the Andean nation.

"I ask the patriots, the people who historically recovered democracy, the social movements, the personalities, to mobilize to defend democracy, the homeland and especially life, to defend the vote of October 20," he said. President in a press conference from the city of El Alto.

In his second call to the Bolivians in the last 24 hours, Morales announced to the Bolivian people and the entire world that a coup d'etat is under way against a democratically elected government and added that the actions are also against the social, workers, humble movements , 'who have built together a democratic-cultural revolution'.

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He accused that the coup is organized by violent and undemocratic groups that do not respect social peace and conspire against the people and said that the world must know who are those who conspire against a people who democratically elected their authorities on October 20.

The dignitary said that he met with many sectors yesterday, the day before yesterday, and they told him that they are going to defend the process, 'which is not Evo Morales, it is the people, it is in defense of social, economic policies, basic services and defense of strategic companies'.

He called for an immediate dialogue with the opposition parties with an open agenda; also, to the police to fulfill the Constitution in its mission to preserve the integrity of the people.

He invited the representatives of Pope Francis, international organizations and countries of the world, and the churches to accompany this dialogue and learn about this ongoing coup d'etat.


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