Evo Morales, defeated by the Bolivian nation, sustained only by the Castro-Castro intervention


The flagrant electoral fraud and the crimes committed by Evo Morales and his regime activated the “Bolivian nation” after more than a decade in which Castro-Chavez supplanted it with counterfeits, massacres and crimes, when it eliminated the Republic of Bolivia and imposed its plurinational state founded on racial confrontation. The Bolivian nation was activated in open councils from which civil resistance and young leaders were born. In almost three weeks of civil resistance, Evo Morales is a dictator defeated by the Bolivian nation and only sustained by the Castro-Castro intervention.

The need to recognize the Bolivian nation is born historically in the Chaco War, to which the young people of Bolivia from different regions, cultures, social and economic conditions concurred as a single national force. The National Revolution of 1952 implemented the construction of the Bolivian nation with the universal vote that makes citizens equal to all the men and women of Bolivia, with the agrarian reform that makes them owners and potential entrepreneurs, with the educational reform that establishes free education and mandatory, and with the reform of the military system to institutionalize the Armed Forces of the Nation.

The concept and existence of the Bolivian nation, mestizo, diverse but unique, is built and sustained through the "class alliance" and not the class struggle. It is maintained and developed until 2009 in which, with the Castrochavista constitution, it is supplanted by the "fight of races" through the recognition of 36 nations in the territory of Bolivia and the liquidation of the Republic with a plurinational state. That is the biggest crime to destroy the "Bolivian nation" and treason against the Fatherland perpetrated by Evo Morales, giving Bolivia to the intervention of the transnational organized crime that at that time was presented as a Bolivarian movement or socialism of the 21st century and which today is recognized as castrochavism.

It must be remembered that the liquidation of the Bolivian nation presented as an indigenous action by Evo Morales in his role as a false indigenous, is only the repetition of the slogan of “multiplication of the confrontation axes” imposed by the San Pablo Forum since its creation , using "racism", "indigenism" and "regionalism" – in the Bolivian case – as tools to destroy the concept of "unity of nation", facilitate intervention, end democracy and impose its dictatorial system. In Bolivia, Castrochavism falsified and manipulated indigenism, turning it into a “struggle” factor, to displace the “national indigenism” that is incorporated as an essential element of “alliance” in the construction and development of the Bolivian nation.

This tight historical summary of the Bolivian nation and its struggle to be and survive, demonstrates why civil resistance against the Castro-dictatorship of Evo Morales is possible and successful. This is that Bolivians are and want to be Bolivians, that we have proclaimed and exercised for several generations the principle of “unity in diversity”, assuming our status as mestizos, our regional and cultural differences as elements of wealth for the construction of a common nation that exists and whose maturity is now demonstrated.

Because there is a Bolivian nation, the confrontation in Bolivia is raised between the regime and the people of Bolivia, between Evo Morales and the Bolivians, between the Castrochavista transnational intervention and the defense of the Homeland. That is why the symbol of freedom and democracy in Bolivia is the Bolivian national flag (red, yellow and green) and the message of civil resistance is the Bolivian National Anthem (die before slaves live …). That is why the waiver request is national. That is why the entire Bolivian Police are against the regime in an action called mutiny but it is really of national institutionality. That is why the corrupted part of the military high command of the Armed Forces of the Nation has not been able to maintain its devotion to the regime and has been neutralized under pressure from the military trained in the Bolivian Nation doctrine.

Only the violent and criminal intervention of Castrochavism supports Evo Morales, under the direct action of Carlos Rafael Zamora aka the rooster who serves as the Cuban Ambassador to Bolivia. But the dictator is defeated, the enemy identified and the Bolivian nation united and mobilized.

* Lawyer and Politologist. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy

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