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LIVE | President Evo Morales pronounces himself in the midst of a severe crisis that his Government is going through, after police officers from at least four Bolivian provinces mutinied asking for his resignation.

The social outbreak occurs after allegations of electoral fraud in the last presidential elections in which Morales got his fourth re-election.

LIVE | Evo Morales Conference

Luis Fernando Camacho, who took center stage in recent days for leading the demonstrations against Evo Morales, thanked the National Police for "sided with the people" and not repress the protests that have taken place in different cities.

"The police have always been with their people," said one of the police at the foot of the Cathedral of Santa Cruz.

This Saturday a bus caravan was attacked that was headed to Peace in support of marches against the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, on a highway in the Andean area of ​​the country, in an incident with an undetermined number of injured.

YOU CAN SEE ‘’ Let's take care of democracy peacefully ’’: Evo Morales speaks out about protests in Bolivia [PHOTOS]

The buses came from the regions of Potosi and Chuquisaca, in the west and south of the country, and suffered an attack after leaving for Peace In the morning local time after stopping at night in the Andean city of Oruro.

The president of the civic committee of Chuquisaca, Rodrigo Echalar, in a video broadcast on social networks, said that the caravan was "ambushed" near the rural town of Vila Vila, apparently by supporters of President Morales.

The civic leader denounced the launch of gases against those who were traveling on buses, which suffered damage to the glass and other parts of the vehicles due to stone impacts.

Echalar appears coughing, apparently as a result of tear gas, while in other images published on social networks by some of the participants in the caravan, several injured and at least four buses are destroyed.

Several occupants of these vehicles claimed to have "retracted" while claiming the delivery of medical assistance from Oruro.

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