Evo Morales: "The decision to call for new elections was to seek peace in Bolivia"


Bolivian President Evo Morales, in an exclusive interview with teleSUR, has stated that he made the decision to call new general elections because "as president" he has "the obligation to seek social peace in Bolivia."

"We cannot be confronted between Bolivian brothers," said the head of state, lamenting several episodes of violence – of which some representatives of the authorities have also been victims – who have registered in the country in recent days.

"We have an obligation together to seek pacification," Evo Morales reiterated in reference to the opposition parties, indicating that "one of the most important requests they have made was the call for new elections." "So we decided to call the new elections," he said.

"But on top of that, the stoppages may end, the blockages may end, because only the poorest families, the poorest families are being harmed by the strikes," the Bolivian president said. He added: "We accept (call the elections) delighted: all for life, all for the country, for democracy and also for social justice."

In addition, President Morales has indicated that the Organization of American States (OAS) "has taken a political position through the (preliminary) audit report." Based on this document, the OAS urged this November 10 to convene the new elections in Bolivia, due to the "irregularities" during the national elections of October 20.

In relation to the OAS report, Morales has indicated that "a part" of this document "literally says that there is a winner, there is a second." “They doubt that we have won the first round. If you doubt that we won in the first round, then there would be the second round. However, new elections are recommended and we agree with the OAS report on the electoral audit, ”said the president, reiterating that it is a political decision, not a“ legal, nor practice of elections ”.

"This is a coup d'etat"

Also, President Morales has regretted that civic groups do not accept the open-plan dialogue he has proposed.

"Even when we have announced new elections, leaving our triumph, and have asked for new members of the Supreme Electoral Court, and also without problems (we accept it), now they reject everything and ask for (my) resignation," Morales said in reference to opposition forces.

"This is a coup (of the State)," said the president. “That (the) the international community knows, that (the) the Bolivian community knows, that (the) know the new generations,” said Morales.

“First (the opponents) asked for the second round, this was subject to the OAS report, then they said (they want) new elections. New elections are guaranteed, but now (they) say dicen Resignation ’. This is conspiring against democracy, this is a coup d'etat, ”the president lamented, calling again to the cessation of violence and the return to dialogue.

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