Ex-footballer Dhorasoo candidate with Insoumise Simonnet


Former international football Vikash Dhorasoo was chosen Saturday to lead the battle of Paris to the municipal under the colors of insubordinate France, in pairs with the elected Danielle Simonnet, we learned from the latter.

A constituent assembly validated the pair. Mr. Dhorasoo should be in the head of the list in the 18th arrondissement, a popular sector that has been struggling for several years with addiction problems, where migrant camps have multiplied before being dismantled, LFI says.
"We are delighted with the decision of Vikash Dhorasoo", welcomed with AFP Mrs. Simonnet, who salutes "the speeches of a former football player, become an important figure, someone committed against racism, LGBTphobia, a courageous man in his commitments ".

The former player, aged 46, "embodies the neighborhoods," added the elected of the twentieth arrondissement, convinced that he "can propose a new way of acting, with people at the center of the battle."

Last week, the electoral committee of LFI announced a first round of investitures of leaders and validations of local strategies for the municipal elections, including Paris.

But in Paris, the Insoumis decided to rely on citizens of civil society to form a list "Let's decide ourselves", renamed Saturday "Decide Paris".

Mr. Dhorasoo wore the jersey of Lyon, AC Milan and Paris SG, where he was fired in 2006 after a conflict with his coach. With the team from France, the child of Caucriauville – a poor district of Le Havre – has accumulated 18 selections, in the shadow of the Zinedine Zidane icon.

Often presented as an "intellectual" football, the player of Mauritian origin is at the origin of a manifesto "for a lasting and joyful football", whose ideas gave birth to the movement "Tatane" in 2011.

Engaged left, sponsor of the NGO Oxfam fight against poverty, he supported the previous candidacies of Socialists Bertrand Delanoe and Anne Hidalgo to the mayor of Paris.

On Twitter, the former footballer is regularly indignant policy Emmanuel Macron who he says "steals from the poor to give to the rich."

His detractors insist on the contradictions of a man who is fond of poker and who played for AC Milan of Silvio Berlusconi, ex-leader of the Italian right and powerful businessman.

According to a poll in mid-September, Paris PS Mayor Anne Hidalgo (24%) remains ahead of the voting intentions for the March municipal elections, ahead of Benjamin Griveaux (LREM, 17%), Cedric Villani (LREM dissident, 15). %), Rachida Dati (LR, 14%), David Belliard (EELV, 13%), Danielle Simonnet (tested alone at the time, 5%), the centrist Pierre-Yves Bournazel (5%), the list supported by the national meeting of Serge Federbusch (4%) and that of the former communication advisor of Francois Hollande, Gaspard Gantzer, credited with 1% of the votes.

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