Ex-HR at the Ministry of Culture urging women to urinate: "I felt it was my fault"



TESTIMONIAL – One of the victims of Christian N., this senior official of the Ministry of Culture who intoxicated young women for nearly ten years to urge them to urinate, confides to us hope that his speech will allow all victims of to recognize.

They are five to speak, but could be 200 to be concerned. Women report "perverse" interviews in the media by a senior official of the Ministry of Culture. Drink to push them to urinate, photographs under the desk, "intrusive" behavior, this former HR manager then recorded his "experiences" in a file that contains hundreds of names. In the list, that of Elise *. The facts she denounced, published on 7 November in an article by Release, go back to 2012. So why is it "necessary" to testify, seven years later? She explains us.

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Elise has "always talked about it"

As explained in the survey of our colleagues, when this 22-year-old student goes to rue de Valois to get a fourth-year internship, she is far from imagining that she will be a victim of the unhealthy strategy of the official. in charge of its maintenance. To push women to urinate in front of him, the latter offered a drink, here a coffee, in which was added diuretic, a drug causing an irrepressible urge to urinate, before proposing a ride in Paris, in places without toilets . If Elise resisted her "dazzling" and "abnormal" urge to urinate, she fell into public apples. And ended up with four days of hospitalization for urinary tract infection "at the door of peritonitis".

Seven years later, she now works in human resources and remembers this event without difficulty. Because if she testifies publicly today, this is not the first time she tells this story. On the contrary. The next day, she feels that there is a "thing that is wrong" and calls the knowledge that allowed him to get this appointment, explaining that Christian N. had a "misplaced attitude", " too intrusive ", and advised him to urinate in public. But the victim does not immediately realize the extent of the problem. Especially since his interlocutor, who will immediately report the problem to the occupational medicine, lets him know that this colleague is "known as the white wolf". "He had the reputation of being a womanizer," explains Elise. So she just chooses to "rank" this official in the sad category of "heavy guys" that a woman crosses throughout her career. "In my job, I meet every day men a little heavy, not fine," she laments. "I have just cataloged it as those boundary types who are in a role of seduction or protection with young women."

Worse still, the one who is still a student finally convinces herself that she is the main person responsible for this situation. It must be said that he himself feels guilty. After her discomfort, the man relieves her and tells her that she needs "help", that she has "health problems" and that this sudden urge to go to the bathroom is "not normal" . "He brought the problem to me," she remembers. So, yes, she reproaches him at the time "for having had a very paternalistic, very ambiguous stance", but it is especially to herself that she "wants a lot". "I felt like it was my fault, I felt lousy."

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That's why, for nearly seven years, Elise never imagines "at any time" that she was the victim of an unhealthy strategy. This explains why, although she tells her story "in the tone of the funny anecdote" during family meals or evenings with friends, she does not decide to make a complaint. In fact, she is a thousand miles away from imagining that she was intoxicated and that she is not the only one. Until May 29, when an article is sent to him. Entitled "The floor seized with a story to piss on", and published by The chained Duck, he relates facts in all respects similar to those experienced by our interlocutor.

A revelation that transforms everything into the whole memory that has never really left. The story that was originally his "very strong urge to pee during an interview" turns into "I was intoxicated by an HRD". "From there, a lot of links are made." Last spring, the twenty-year-old understands how he pushed her to urinate in the street, why she had to go around Paris, why he offered her a coffee "without even having taken out (his) CV" and why, during all these hours, he asks him "no question" about his motives and his career. A liberation". "All of a sudden, I think 'thin, you were not the problem, actually it was him'!" Shame changes camp.

We realize that we have been the victim of something despicable– Elise *

Faced with this brutal awareness, Elise is slow to react. She wants to make a complaint, but questions her "weight" and "legitimacy" in the face of this senior official. Especially when the facts date. Why does it skip a month later, June 13? Why speak in the media? "For the other victims", which would be at least "ten or twenty", according to the confessions of Christian N .. He was also indicted in late October for taking a picture of the legs of the sub-prefect of Moselle. "Those who do not suspect anything have the right, too, to the truth," summarizes the HRD.

* The name has been changed

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