Ex-president Lula blows to attack Bolsonaro


KJust before Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva left the prison on Friday night, he stopped Video on his Twitter profile, It shows the 74-year-old former president jogging in concentration on the treadmill, training on dumbbells and lifting weights. In the background is "Eye of the Tiger", the film music from "Rocky III". He had the energy of a thirty-year-old man, he let the Brazilians know a little later. His message was unmistakable. It is a challenge to President Jair Bolsonaro, who has dominated the political stage unchallenged since his election a year ago. Lula announced to "free Brazil from madness".

Tjerk Bruhwiller

His release owes Lula da Silva to a Supreme Court ruling. It had decided on Thursday that it was inadmissible to imprison convicted persons in the second instance until all legal remedies have been exhausted. Five thousand convicts should benefit from it. One of them is the former president, who was sentenced to eight years and ten months imprisonment for money laundering and corruption. The judges saw it as proven that Lula da Silva in exchange for government contracts from a construction company had a flat on a beach had.

The Left has always condemned the process as politically motivated, claiming it was all about removing its leader from the race for the 2018 presidential election. When the judge responsible for the conviction, Sergio Moro, was later nominated by Bolsonaro as Minister of Justice, she was confirmed. In recent months, illegally stolen short messages between Moro and the prosecutors came to the public, which question the neutrality of the investigators and the judiciary.

No alternatives in sight

Lula da Silva said on Friday evening before his cheering supporters, he felt no hatred. His heart only has room for love. However, after 580 days in a cell of the Federal Police Headquarters in the southern Brazilian city of Curitiba, he was unable to hold back his anger. He spoke of the "baseness" of the "corrupt side" of the prosecutor, the federal police and the judiciary. He accuses them all of systematically pursuing the criminalization of the left, his party and his person. He described the election of 2018 as "stolen".

Lula da Silva makes no secret of his ambitions: he has the presidential election in three years in view. One of his closest confidants said da Silva was thinking about nothing else in jail. Even clearer is his former cabinet chief Jose Dirceu, who is indicted and convicted in several corruption cases and has now also benefited from the judgment of the Supreme Court. The fight is no longer about Lula da Silva's freedom, Dirceu said in a video. "Now it's about reclaiming the government. We are the opposite of what this government does. "

Although the campaign for the election in three years has already begun, the Brazilian opposition has been disoriented since Bolsonaro's election. This should change with the return of the old leader. Lula da Silva will take over the helm in his Labor Party, also because she obviously lacks alternatives. He repeated what he had said on the day of his arrest: "They did not arrest a man but tried to kill an idea. But an idea can not be killed, an idea does not disappear. "

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