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This November 10 commemorates the Day World Cup Science for the Peace and Development, the date seeks to pay attention to technological advances Y scientists to create more sustainable societies.


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The date was proposed by the Un and it has been held since 2002 to remember the commitment made at the World Conference on Science Available that was held in Budapest in 1999.

The purpose is to renew the commitment in favor of science for the peace and development, and emphasize the responsible use of it for the benefit of societies, in particular, for the eradication of poverty.

There are several examples of how science has been used for human development and peace.

For example, chemistry is used for the manufacture of medicines that have helped to create vaccines that have contributed to the fight against diseases.

As for the advances in physics, a laser was manufactured that allows incredibly complex operations in the human eye.

Thanks to the use of fertilizers and other chemical processes it has been possible to improve soil fertility, therefore it has influenced food production.

As for biology, it has allowed us to understand and control genetic mutations; Computer science has collaborated in new forms of teaching.

These are some examples of how science and technology have been used for the benefit of human beings and planet earth.

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