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Evo Morales called for new general elections. (Photo: PL)
Evo Morales called for new general elections. (Photo: PL)

The announcement of the constitutional president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, of new elections, in this governmental city generates expectations on Sunday of the arrival of the pacification of the country.

‘I make a call, respect for the family, respect for property, respect for authorities, all social sectors, all we have in Bolivia is the heritage of the Bolivian people,’ said the president as an expression of his pacifying will.

In support of that point of view, the Catholic church called for peace and harmony in Bolivia on Sunday.

The integration of a Constitutional Court with new members is of interest, for which the Legislative Assembly is convened with a view to the appointment of these officials and also those of the departmental electoral bodies.

However, on the other hand, the second most voted party in the elections of October 20, Comunidad Ciudadana, expressed in a statement its rejection of that initiative.

‘Citizen Community, demands the Assembly
Plurinational Legislature, call a great agreement tomorrow
national, with the essential participation of political sectors,
civic and social to agree on a new Electoral Body
Plurinational ’, expresses the text.

The party alliance of
 Neoliberal policies demand a timing of the election, including
 new actors, culminating in the possession of the new authorities
elected on January 22, 2020.

It also assumes a position
radical regarding Morales and the vice president, Alvaro Garcia Linera, at
 Consider that you must veto your presence among the new candidates.

At the same time, when reading the CC statement, your candidate for
Presidency, Carlos Mesa, insisted that unemployment and
mobilizations throughout the country.

In this context, around
Bolivian political heart, Plaza Murillo, the clash groups of
The opposition maintains pressure measures along with other protesters.

It is also reported that from Santa Cruz and Potosi they are heading towards La
Peace reinforcements composed of thousands of miners and other violent groups
at the service of the opposition right.

The aggressive nature of
These forces were confirmed this Saturday, when irregular groups
burned the houses of the governors of Chuquisaca and Oruro, of the
Morales's sister in that city, and in the attacks and threats against

National television showed how in the city
government was the capture of the director of a station
community radio and opponents tied him to a tree for being
supporter of the Movement to Socialism.

According to the channel
Pat, likewise, the Ombudsman's intervention allowed
30 workers from the state-owned Bolivia TV channel and the Patria Nueva Network,
from the radio, they could leave the building that serves as their headquarters without
Protesters will harm them. Previously, a call
telephone of those who maintained the fence, called the workers of
those means to cease their transmissions, under the threat of entering the

‘Your life is at risk, if you don't cut the signal on
this time people are going to enter, ’said the representative of the
called monitoring committee, in a phone call. .

In reaction to this situation of threats and violence, in the city
of El Alto and interdepartmental roads, supporters of the Movement
 to Socialism they keep the blockades started yesterday in rejection of what
they call coup d'etat and in defense of the democratic order.

That is the atmosphere that is breathed this Sunday in the governmental capital of Bolivia.

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