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Hebrew lettering

Crash at the fall of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate

During the live show at the Brandenburg Gate a Hebrew lettering will be displayed. The calls "end the occupation".

Berlin is celebrating 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall

A night full of emotions. On 9th November the Berlin Wall fell. Thirty years later, people celebrate at the Brandenburg Gate. Experience the most beautiful pictures.

show description

Berlin. During the celebration of the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate, it came to a scandal. In the live show on Saturday broadcast by the ZDF, the singer Anna Loos's performance featured a Hebrew lettering whose translation is "End of the Crew". Now the Jewish community in Berlin is confused. The Green politician Volker Beck has submitted a program complaint. The organizer apologized. At first the internet portal "Ruhrbarone" reported about it.

The commission for anti-Semitism at the Jewish Community in Berlin, Sigmount A. KOnigsberg, told the Berliner Morgenpost: "What does this have to do with the unitary celebration? That has nothing to look for ". Konigsberg wrote in the short message service Twitter: "Apparently today you can unpack the old motto 'The German being should recover the world'.

The Hebrew lettering was used during the stage show at the Brandenburg Gate with other slogans and pictures that have references to protest movements. Organizer of the evening was the Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH. Cultural Manager Moritz van Dulmen told the Berliner Morgenpost: "The lettering is unwise. We apologize for that ".

Fall of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate: organizer speaks of mishap

Behind it no political intention had been hidden. Rather, it is a mishap. At the live show, the pictures and sayings of several protest movements have been shown. The Hebrew belonged to the "Women in Black" – an anti-war movement that had been founded in Jerusalem in the late 1960s.

Green politician Beck told the Berliner Morgenpost that Israel is often presented in Germany in a wrong context. "Even if it was a mistake, Mr. Bellut (director of ZDF, d. Red.) Should apologize to the Israeli ambassador." The apology of the Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH is credible, but you should get together with those who have put together the pictures, Beck continued.

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