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Jose Maria Gutierrez 'Guti' He already has a job. If a few weeks ago we said that the former Real Madrid player was without a team this year after finishing his journey in the white quarry with a great season in the Juvenile, he now has new pupils. This week, the one in Torrejon de Ardoz He has signed his contract with Almeria, club of the Spanish Second Division, with a presentation for everything in which the coach and his family were received as stars.

Guti came to his presentation with his wife, the model Romina Belluscio, and their young son Enzo. Everything was prepared to please him, with a shirt with his mythical number 14 and a media expectation never seen before in the Andalusian city. On the other hand, Romina was impressive in a black dress without sleeves and midi cut fitted with soft frills – a tribute to this land that now welcomes them – combined with nude salons. Little Enzo was already wearing the elastic of his father's new club.

The landing of Guti to Almeria is a dream come true for the club's owner, Arab Sheikh Turki Al-Sheikh, Saudi royal family advisor -the one who seems to be really behind the whole operation- that the team bought last summer, rescuing it from a serious economic crisis. His arrival meant an injection of money essential for his survival and, in addition, the possibility of making new signings to revitalize the team. And Guti has been the best example.

But take the coach to Almeria it hasn't been easy for Turki, because it has practically deployed a red carpet with a salary of no less than one million a year, according to the newspaper 'Sport', the highest of the second coaches. And not only that. Guti will have all the comforts you want during your stay in Andalusia. Only for your arrival had a private plane and car waiting at the airport gate.

A fortune without sheikhs

Now Guti has to prove that his high signing is justified and make the best possible season with Almeria. It’s not hard to get into the playoffs, at least because of the promotion to Primera, because currently the team is second in the classification. However, you will have to maintain that level all year. A promotion would be an achievement that would put the Madrid in the disparadero to sign for a bigger club. It was expected, in fact, to occupy the Real Madrid bench this year, but Zidane's return closed the door when Solari was dismissed.

Guti settles in Almeria with a millionaire salary and all facilities. A place where you can practice one of your biggest hobbies, golf, because this region and neighboring Murcia have several first level courses. The unknown is si Romina will continue working on 'Public Mirror', a program he joined last September as a collaborator.

This job allows the coach increase the huge wealth that you already enjoy. Well, the former soccer player has managed to successfully manage the emoluments he earned during his active years and has launched several businesses that give him good returns. Joseph has a property company called JAZ 14 SL for real estate rental on its own account which has several stores and flats in the best areas of the capital, like Serrano, Alcala or Ortega y Gasset.

This company had last year Revenue of 524,344 euros, about 10% more than in 2017, with a net profit of 130,518 euros. Its net worth is 11.5 million. In addition, it has several properties in Ibiza, your favorite place to spend the holidays. In this way, the salary he will earn now in Almeria will serve to enlarge that fortune that allows him to live comfortably without working, although his dream is to lead and he loves his profession.

What about your other two children?

This transfer of Guti and his family to Almeria separates him again from the two children he had with Arantxa de Benito, his first wife and mother of Zaira and Aitor. During his time in Turkey he was already far from them and now history repeats itself, although it is much closer. While the relationship with them would not be the best, according to the mother.

Arantxa was a few weeks ago in the 'Deluxe' telling that Guti had ignored his children, especially Zaira, which is already of legal age and with which it seems that it does not have a very good relationship. He does get along with Aitor and usually spends time with him, but the businesswoman complained that she was not aware of her day-to-day life and her problems as two teenagers. Further, there is an open war between her and Romina, which would not facilitate the approach between father and children.

Zaira and Aitor have stayed again in Madrid with their mother, where they both already have their life. The former footballer has not ruled on this controversy and lives focused on his work and the family he has formed with Belluscio and little Enzo.

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