Fan applies the trolling of the year in Tijuana (VIDEO)


The above happened after Rayados thrashed Tijuana at the Estadio Caliente.

Mexico.- An amateur applied an epic trolling to Miguel Layun after the match between Scratched and Xolos, which was disputed in Tijuana This Friday, November 8.

It all happened after the Monterrey, where he plays the above, nailed a path to La Jauria by 0-5 in a duel valid for Day 18 of the Opening 2018. And it is that on his way to the locker room, the Mexican international was going waving to fans who asked for it.

But what the side didn't count on is that a fan was preparing the joke of the year, since he asked for a greeting on repeated occasions; However, once he agreed, the fan took the opportunity to mock him sorely.

As expected, several attendees laughed at the rush and many others celebrated it. While Layun took it with humor, since he did not make any kind of fuss.

Absence of Layun in the Tri generates suspicions

Accustomed to criticism practically since he began his career, Miguel Layun has proven to be a reliable element in recent times, hence his constant calls to National selection, set with which he has played two World Cups.

However, the former Sevilla did not appear in the last call for Gerardo Martino, the above, according to transcended, was because the coach does not want to know anything about the players who armed the controversial Pachanga during the last tour of the Tri by the United States.

In fact, it is speculated that “Chicharito” Hernandez and Marco Fabian They were not cited for this reason either, since this triad would have been responsible for organizing the exit, which also starred Guillermo Ochoa and Hector Moreno.

Beyond all these rumors, the truth is that there is no official pronouncement on the matter, so it will be even in the next calls when we can tell if that fista brought severe consequences for those involved.

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