Farmers want to be kept in Gonesse's triangle


The banner of opponents of the EuropaCity project in Gonesse –

The Chamber of Agriculture of Ile-de-France asked Sunday the maintenance of farmers on the site of the Europacity project which has just been buried by the government, denouncing proposals "alternatives that come to life" and would aim "she said review the agricultural model ".

On November 7, Emmanuel Macron announced the abandonment of Europacity, a megacomplex of shops and leisure activities that was to be established by 2027 in the Val-d'Oise, and bristling the environmentalists as small traders .

"Farmers are already settled"

This project was to cover 80 hectares of farmland between Paris and Roissy. Hailing "a logical decision for a project disproportionate", the Chamber of Agriculture of the Ile-de-France region wants to "remember" in a statement Sunday that "farmers are already installed and exploit the agricultural land" on the proposed site .

"In the name of maintaining the productive potential of agriculture and the fight against the artificialisation of land," the Chamber "demands that farmers be maintained and that new economically viable markets be offered to them".

"Offer new opportunities with real added value"

According to her, "alternative projects, all more utopian than the others, have been flourishing for years and come to life following the abandonment of the Europacity project, aiming in particular to revise the agricultural model".

According to the Chamber of Agriculture, communities must now "offer new opportunities, with real added value. We defend the idea that these lands participate in the development of viable, buoyant and able to meet the supply demands of 12 million people in the Paris region, "she says.

According to the Safer, land development and rural settlement companies, between 1980 and today, the total utilized agricultural area (UAA) in France – composed of plowing land, grasslands and viticultural areas – was reduced from 32 to 27 million hectares with the construction of road, commercial and urban developments.

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