FAS returned to Oscar Quiteno Stadium


The tigrillos started training and soon expect to be able to play official matches.

FAS returned to Oscar Alberto Quiteno stadium after more than two years, since it was in improvements initiated by the Mayor's Office of Santa Ana in common agreement with INDES, which included the repair of grass and drainage, as well as painting the stadium, all this to meet one of the requirements of the club license that is mandatory as of this tournament.

The tigrillos made their first training in the feline cubil and were accompanied by the Red Peat, who with songs chanted them in all the practice in which the city mayor was also, Milena Calderon, who received her FAS shirt and immediately He wore it.

The tentative date to use the stadium for official games is November 27 and the team they receive on that date is the Santa Tecla. At first it is planned to play on Sunday afternoons, since they are quoting how much it will cost to put artificial light and thus do it again at night.

The tigrillos have been on the court for more than two years since the removal of the Quiteno began. They currently play in Cuscatlan, but they also played in Arturo Simeon Magana de Ahuachapan.

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