Faustino Asprilla celebrated his 50 years and was surprised with a gift to improve his performance


Victor Aristizabal was the one who delivered it on behalf of his other friends and former Colombian teammates, such as Pibe Valderrama and Harold Lozano.

The ex-scorer of the Colombia team Faustino Asprilla turned 50 years old and celebrated them with a Big party attended by, of course, his closest friends and loved ones.

The celebration took place last Saturday, November 9 in San Tino, the former soccer player's farm located in the San Jose district, rural area of ​​Tulua, municipality in the center of Valle del Cauca.

Former companions of the Tricolor with whom he has shared since 1989 and also best friends, such as Victor Aristizabal, Freddy Rincon, Luis Fernando ‘Chonto’ Herrera and Alexis Garcia, were in the celebration that lasted until Sunday November 10.

And precisely on the morning of this day, his friends, among them also Carlos ‘el Pibe’ Valderrama and Adolfo ‘el Tren’ Valencia, they gathered to deliver the "surprise gift" They bought him.

“We have understood the problems Faustino is going through right now, the prostate has been a bit screwed up, like has had problems ‘erectils, we want to improve your performance and we bought him this gift, ”said‘ Aristigol ’in the video-recorded encounter.

At that time, and aware that Tino has not worked the same and has had such problems for a year, Aristizabal pulled out of the pants pocket a little box of viagra.

“A gift from all of us so that what is happening to you does not happen again, you couldn't have the performance you had when you were young and here we give you this that you probably have not used, ”added the former Antioquia player.

The particular gift unleashed laughter among those present and surprised Tino, who received it with thanks and a comment very much in his style: “Thank you very much. I already have viagra, I have condoms, I'm missing is the female"

"And to those who believed that I was giving a life of life, I arrived," Faustino noted in reference to the half-century of life he reached.

So, humor, brotherhood and good vibes surrounded Tino's 50, a celebration above where there were no setbacks and much less impotence.

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