Faustino Asprilla's friends gave him a particular birthday present to improve his performance loss due to age


Faustino ‘Tino’ Asprilla turned 50 and was accompanied by several of his closest friends, many of them old glories of national football.

In the meeting to commemorate the half-century of life of the 'Tino' in Tulua, former players and friends of the former striker such as Carlos 'Pibe' Valderrama, Luis Fernando 'Chonto' Herrera, Victor Hugo Aristizabal, Alexis Garcia, Fredy Rincon, among others, attended They joined to help Asprilla with a 'little problem' that she may have with age.

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Aristizabal took the spokesperson of the group, and assured that after meeting with the rest and thinking about the gift for Asprilla, they reached a conclusion:

“Since Faustino is turning half a century, we understood the problems that are happening right now. The prostate is a bit screwed up and since it has had erectile problems, we want to improve its performance ”.

At that time, the former striker of Atl. Nacional and Cruzeiro took a box of Viagra out of his pocket, a medicine designed to help men with their erectile dysfunction.

"I already have Viagra, I have condoms, but I'm missing the female," joked the ‘Tino’ after receiving the particular gift.

Look at the moment when the friends of ’Tino’ give him a box of Viagra:

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