FC Barcelona: One, two, three … Messi's goal: the most effective Leo of the last decade


FC Barcelona Score in LaLiga a goal every 3.5 shots that he performs this season

The Argentine has been in the league this season … 40% effective in free throws! He has executed 10 and celebrated four: both against the celestial, one against Sevilla and one against Valladolid. With his two goals against Celta by Scar Garca, in addition, he already has 46 of this type defending the cul shirt.

He Txingurri surrenders to Leo. "Messi, apart from converting the goals, has a commitment to the game. He interprets that the team is not fluent for anything and he, with the responsibility he has, goes down to take it, to vent. He interprets it perfectly, "says the technician. That's Leo. The goal boy, the boy for everything

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