FC Barcelona: The most worrisome data of Griezmann: fewer goals and passes than in the Atlantic


FC Barcelona The French is still disconnected

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Antoine Griezmann is off or off coverage. The french vein highlighting more for its defensive performance that offensive and evidenced his lack of feeling in the field with Messi, with which you just did not connect. Against him Celtic the bad dynamics of '17' went on, again without seeing the door (a goal in the last eight games) and away from collective play, with only 21 passes in 73 minutes, one every three and a half minutes.

To compare, Dembl in 20 minutes less play (disput the second part) doubled in passes to his friend and compatriot, with 43. In the first part Griezmann stayed in just eight passes, by 10 of the substituted Ansu Fati. A very poor fact for a player from Bara, which bases its football on possession.

A fact that is even more serious if it is equated with the Griezmann of the Atlantic. At this point last season, he added 595 rojiblanco passes, for the 529 azulgrana. In goals, better numbers also with Simeone what with Valverde: four times six.

Antoine He could have gone to the parn with a better taste in his mouth if he had put the clearest chance of Bara, a goal assist from Messi for the Frenchman who threw with more power than precise directly to the body of Rubn White. He was then replaced by Surez, that he received more applause in his reception than Grizzi on his farewell.

The Frenchman joins with his selection having added 15 games and 1,210 minutes so far, with 14 starter games, one substitute (Valladolid) and another without moving off the bench (Seville). His four goals are summarized in the double against Betis there for August (maybe his best night), against the Villarreal (day 6) and in front of Eibar (day 9). In Champions An hasn't been released yet.

His best version is expected after the break, where the calendar facing the Barca team is scary: Legans (F), Borussia Dortmund (C), Atletico de Madrid (F), Majorca (C), Inter Miln (F), Real society (F) and the Classic at the Camp Nou ..

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