FC Bayern – Borussia Dortmund 4: 0: votes and reactions to the BVB debacle at FCB


The BVB suffers shipwreck at FC Bayern Munich on Matchday 11 – again. With 0: 4 Dortmund went down in Munich, coach Lucien Favre was then served accordingly. Thomas Muller, on the other hand, allowed himself a jocular swipe at the "men's football" statement by BVB sports director Michael Zorc.

SPOX has summed up the most important votes and reactions to the top match between BVB and FC Bayern Munich.

Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich) …

… to the game: We complimented on what Hansi Flick has been trying to put in during the short time, so I was happy to talk about "men's football" the week before this prestigious duel now a bit older – at 30 you can already count as a man – of course you are particularly inspired. "

… if the statements of Michael Zorc before the game were a hotmaker: "Basically, this debate is always nice, it's always wonderful when Borussia Dortmund comes here and we act as we do today."

… if the difference between Bayern and Dortmund is a mentality question: "It's the question of what kind of football I'm willing to play, including players who are technically savvy, who have both Dortmund and us in our ranks, we were there, we were in the tackles, we got the first one The second we made it clear that we want to win the game, especially in the second half, it was just fun to get in there. "

… if the change of coach was a kind of liberation for the team: "I really liked the way we played in both games against Olympiakos and Dortmund today, but you can not take the game in Frankfurt 100% because we get the red card in the 7th minute The alibis were gone and I'm just happy that we were able to show such a feat today. "

Hansi Flick (Bayern Munich coach) …

… to the game: "It has already indicated on Wednesday that the team wants to take the initiative, we have been aggressive from the very first minute and have also shown today which football we can celebrate forward."

… about changes compared to the 1: 5 in Frankfurt: "The past does not count for me, I've had a job here and now with these two games, and my whole team around it has done sensationally, although it was not that easy because you do not have much training in the short term The team knew it was their duty and did it very well. "

… to the showdown with Dortmund: "Everyone in Germany has eagerly anticipated this duel, but tactics are there, but you have to show who will win this game from the very first minute, and that's what the team really did."

… to Robert Lewandowski: "It's up to him to decide when to operate, and I think he has such a run that I'd think it over in his place – he's the world's best striker for me, it's amazing what he does for us But there is also a lot of hard work behind it, because he is an absolute role model. He has no acute pain in the groin. "

… on his continued employment as a coach: "It's not about my person, it's the difficult situation in the club, I was honored to have confidence in these two games, but more has not been agreed, it was an event that I did not necessarily want. Actually, I just came back as an assistant coach because I missed the daily work on the pitch, there is no agreement on what to do, I enjoy a nice bottle of red wine with the family tonight, then I'm happy. "

Lucien Favre (Borussia Dortmund coach) …

… to the game: "Bayern was much better than us, we were not good, it was a disappointment, many players just were not there, we were not scared, they were better, they were good at possession and they were much faster than we at the ball. We lost almost all the balls in the first 25 minutes. "

… on the "men's football" statement by Michael Zorc before the match: "It has been seen that we had a lot of trouble in the duels, something to do with being a man, but also with technique and movement."

… to replace Jadon Sancho in the 36th minute: "He was not hurt, but it was a bit hard for him."

Michael Zorc (Sports Director Michael Zorc) …

… to the game: Bayern was in all respects superior, we had a first proper quarter of an hour, then Bayern has taken over completely the command We were neither against the ball nor in our own We've missed everything, and Bayern have completely earned at this level. "

… why BVB collapse after a comeback win against Inter: "That's hard to explain, I can not really say it, we've got a lot of plans, but we've actually offered a non-performance here, we're just disappointed."

… on the analysis of Favre, who has moored the debacle on content and technical errors: "We can not say that we were not there in the duels and we were not good at possession either – we made it so easy for Bayern, giving them balls that you can not lose on the level." That was a giant -Disappointment."

Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund) …

… to the game: "We've been the weaker team over most of the game today, so we have to admit it so clearly – we had a good first quarter of an hour, a couple of good minutes when Paco Alcacer and Marco Reus came – and that's it."

… why BVB always appears anxious and discouraged in Munich: "Why that is so, I can not say one hundred percent, I was only there once, that it is so, we have to say very clearly today, that was not enough courage with the ball and against the ball we were not clean enough technically. "

… if he had reservations for some players during the week that they are afraid: "I thought we'd take the momentum from the last three games, that we can do it braverly, we did that for a very short time and when Bayern got it right, we missed out on bringing depth into the game We also lost a lot of duels in which we just were not tough enough, so that turned the game over. "

… if his own goal was the negative highlight of the game: "The own goal went well with the game and I thought it was almost tragic-funny because the game was already decided and I had to smile, that I could also put one into my own net at an old place of action."

BVB horror record at Bayern in the Bundesliga

2019/201109/11/20194: 0FC Bayern
2018/192804/06/20195: 0FC Bayern
2017/182803/31/20186: 0FC Bayern
2016/172804/08/20174: 1FC Bayern
2015/168th04/10/20155: 1FC Bayern
2014/151001/11/20142: 1FC Bayern
2013/143004/12/20140: 3Borussia Dortmund

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